The Suede Trucker Jacket

In it for the long haul

A super-sharp Trucker, made from Italian suede

The Heavy Chinos

It’s time to get heavy

Hard-wearing chinos, made to last

The Derby Shoes

The sturdy shoe with style

It’s time to leave your trainers on the rack.

The Chukka Boots

Out of the desert

Lightweight, year-round boots that are always up to the task

The Boxer Shorts

And the Winner Is…

You take care with the rest of your clothes, so don’t blow it when it comes to your boxers.

The Moleskin Work Jacket

Hanks for the memories

The choice is yours.

The Card Holder

Play Your Cards Right

Time to ditch the bulky wallet. 

The Smooth Belt

What a belter

The choices we make define us, and that includes our choice of leather goods. 

The Solid Sneakers

Step correct

Classic low-profile design, high-class Italian leather


No laughing matter

Denim. Not just for jeans. Not just for jackets, either. Is there anything it can’t do? 

The Sweatshirt

Rocky's Sweatshirt

You're in tall cotton with this one. Full marks for effort, for your full comfort.

The Leather Wallet

For a few dollars more... 

For all their years of service, don’t your credit cards deserve somewhere better to live?

The M65 Jacket

A military masterpiece

A hard-wearing functional classic, made from organic cotton moleskin

The Sailor's Jumper

We are sailing

Now’s the time for nautical knitwear.

The Suede Bomber

Easily suede

A jacket with a little bit of danger, even if your idea of the wild west is Plymouth.

The Baseball T-Shirt

Batter up

Our organic cotton Baseball T-Shirt steps up to the plate

The V-neck Jumper

V is for Victory

Let’s take a moment and imagine what Bryan Ferry’s up to right now...

The Western Shirt

The best in the West

A true American classic, made from Japanese denim

The Varsity Jacket

No scholarship needed

A classic design, made from forward-thinking upcycled fabric

The Overcoat

The headline act

Welcome to the stage, the new star of your wardrobe.