July 28, 2021

Care Guide for the V-Neck Jumper

A few tips to help you care for your V-Neck Jumper.

Chapter 1: Revv it up

1 - Machine washing

We worked hard to design you a jumper that doesn’t come out in a kiddies size after the first wash. However this doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care, it’s wool after all. The best option is to machine wash at 30°C inside a net on a wool or cotton program at a 400rpm spin-program max. Certainly never higher than 30°C. If you want to bolster the softness of your jumper you could add a teaspoon of softener.

2 - Drying

Please don’t put the jumper in the tumble dryer. We strongly recommend that you let your jumper dry in the open air laid flat. NEVER use a hanger as when wet the weight of the water in the jumper risks pulling it out of shape. There’s some cool stuff out there to help you dry your jumper if you hit up the web.

3 - Ironing 
Ironing is a good way of keeping your jumper looking like new after each wash. Use a medium heat setting (max will scorch the wool and too low won’t make a dent) with a little steam. The jumper’s ok with that.

Chapter 2 - What to do when something goes wrong?

1 - Pilling

As you know, the jumper is knitted using a very dense construction. This makes the jumper more durable but also helps tuck in the yarn fibers and minimise pilling. But wool will be wool, and a few pills may bobble up here and there. No need to panic, there’s a simple solution.

You can remove them manually or carefully with a razor. There’re even purpose-built electric razors for this very purpose. Once you’ve taken care of the pilling in one area, it doesn’t tend to return. You’d be surprised how well it works, and unless you do something crazy you shouldn’t damage the jumper. We use these ones. Pretty good.

2 - Dust clinging to the jumper

Wool can be a magnet for any dust flying around. It’s not much of an issue with lighter colours, but it can be a pain on darker ones. We suggest you use a sticky dust remover. Just like razors, you’ll be able to use it on all your clothes. This one’s a good one. Tried and tested. 

3 - A thread out of place

We made sure that the knit is dense and smooth to avoid yarns getting snagged on pesky nails. If ever one does get snapped and pops out, whatever you do, don’t cut it off. If you have some sewing skills you can catch it from the inside and pull it back in. You should then take it to your alteration store, it won’t take more than 2 minutes. But don’t leave it too long because over time it can create a hole in your jumper which is bad news. If you have pointy elbows and you see a hole appear, don’t let it grow, take it to be repaired as soon as you can. A few quick stitches and the jumper will be back in action in no time.

Victory at last

Even if we’ve done our all to extend the life of your Jumper as much as possible, it’s still made of woollen yarn, which is a soft material, very comfortable to wear but more fragile than a waxed twill. If you want your jumper to last a lifetime, and it can, you just need to take care of it properly. 

We hope that we’ve hit most of your questions here, if not reach out to us at support@asphalte.com and we’ll try and answer them. 

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The Asphalte Team