July 28, 2021

Care guide for the Baseball T-Shirt

A T-Shirt so good they named a sport after it. Still it’ll require a little care to stay on top and keep looking like a champ’.

Keep it looking its best

T-shirts are as easy to wash as they are to wear. That said you do need to know what you're doing because they’re in direct contact with your skin and you tend to wash them more often than a sweater for example. 

Wash your tee inside out with other similar colours at a maximum temperature of 30°C. That way, they won’t shrink and if the washing machine's drum causes any damage or colours bleed, it won’t be visible. 

We recommend liquid detergents because the powdered ones usually leave marks on dark colours.

How should it be dried?

Never wring it out by hand. Rather machine-spin the tee to get rid of excess water limiting the program to 800/900 rpm max to not damage the cotton fibres. Then just dry al fresco if possible, laid flat and preferably in the shade.


Once it's dry, iron on a low heat (110°C, that’s the first setting) avoiding the seams so as not to scorch the cotton.

We hope that you’ve hit it off with your Baseball Tee, we'll radio back in in a few weeks to see how you're getting on.

If you have any feedback positive or negative please let us know on help@asphalte-paris.com or our international IG account. 

Our mission is to make quality menswear available to more people and anything you have to share will help us achieve that.

Thanks again,

The Asphalte Team